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Mechanical engineering


Single-purpose machines, machine parts, preparations, tools

  • preparation of production documentation;
  • solution of design details in accordance with the customer's technical requirements;
  • 3D modeling and work in the SolidWorks program
  • control and preparation of documentation for entry into production, finalization of documentation after production with recording of the actual status
  • solving possible alternatives and related problems when creating structural and technical designs (cost, complexity, inefficiency, operational reliability, etc.)
  • active cooperation with the customer's project team
  • following trends in the construction of machines and equipment and their use in our work
  • monitoring trends in the development of new components that can be used in construction


Analysis of parts, FEM/FEM method

  • creation of strength structural and thermal FEM analyzes of individual elements and/or units
  • internal and customer reports also in a foreign languages
  • analytical recalculation of lifetime and load of parts or units
  • verification and comparison of results using test reports
  • responsibility for the product in the pre-development and development phases


Diagnostics, repairs and optimization

  • cooperation in optimizing and improving automated production processes
  • searching for new solutions for more efficient production
  • diagnostics, repairs and programming of Denso robots
  • device configuration, setup and tests
  • creation/modification of process visualization
  • setting and parameterizing sensors and control technology
  • proposing solutions to given problems in the field of production process control
  • revitalizing equipment and putting it into operation
  • solving technical problems in terms of automation
  • participating in the realization and implementation of devices directly in the customer’s premises
  • creation of technical documentation in accordance with the requirements of end customers